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1、Cow Cultivation and Farm Facilities:
Cattle Breeding, Farm Facilities and Management, Milking Equipments and Accessories, Feeding Systems, Manure Treatment Systems, Forage, Feed, Feed Additives and Feed Processing Equipments, Cattle Health-Care and Medicines, Fresh Milk Storage and Transportation, Dairy Analyzer

2、Dairy Product Processing Equipments and Ingredients:
Ingredients and Additives, Packing Equipments and Materials, Dairy Product Processing Production Lines, Equipments and Accessories for Separation, Mixing, UHT, Fermentation, Sterilization, Cold Storage and Transportation Equipments, Dairy Analyzer

3、Dairy Products:

Liquid Milk, Yogurt, Milk Powder, Cheese, Butter, Ice-Cream, Health-Care Products

Association, Organization, Consulting Services, Website, Publication and so on